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At JKB Property Inspections we understand that buying a home will potentially be the biggest decision you ever make. Therefore you need to be confident that you know the true condition of the home you are purchasing.

At JKB Property Inspections we provide you with an easy to read comprehensive report on your prospective property. This report includes Australia’s only ‘5 Star Condition Rating’ which gives you a greater understanding as to the real condition of the property.

We aim to give you peace of mind about the property you are purchasing. Just take a look at 10 reasons why JKB Property Inspections is different to other Inspectors:

  1. Our report includes Australia’s only ‘5 Star Condition Rating’ to show you just how good the property really is.
  2. Fast response and turnaround times
  3. Constant communication throughout the entire inspection process.
  4. A clear and easy to understand report
  5. A full verbal debrief straight after the inspection
  6. FREE Building Consultancy until Settlement
  7. Reports are completed same day or they are FREE
  8. 3 Inspection Packages to choose from, starting from $350
  9. Full Professional Indemnity Insurance
  10. Our report complies with Australian Standards AS 4349.1-2007

Full Service Property Inspectors

We can help you with all your property inspection needs. Below is a list of inspections we can undertake.
Pre Purchase Inspections
Pre Sale Inspections
Pre Auction Inspections
New Home/Renovation Stage Inspections
Handover/Pre Handover Inspections
Tax depreciation schedules (ATO compliant report by a registered Quantity Surveyor)

Whether you are a first time buyer or you have been through this process before, an Inspection from JKB Property Inspections can help to reassure you of any worries that you may have.

3 Property Inspection Packages to Choose From:

Basic Inspection

The basic property inspection includes a complete structural inspection. Inspection of all visible foundations, wall, floor, ceiling and roof framing – all the structural components of the house.

Standard Inspection

The standard inspection includes a full written report and we check all of the structural components plus all claddings. Claddings include all floors, walls and ceilings in every room and all of the exterior claddings and roof claddings.

We also test everything that opens and closes including all of the doors, taps, cupboards, windows, latches, catches and hinges all the way through the house.

We also go down under the floor, up inside the roof, up over the roof. We also look at things like the site’s drainage, condition of driveways, garages, carports, garden sheds and even the clothesline.

Premium Inspection.

The premium package is all of the above plus photos of any defects we find so you can actually see what the defect is and how serious it is.

It also records all the chattels which are things like curtains, carpets, light fittings, heaters and other similar items. This is because at the moment they are only documented on sale the contract under a general heading of chattels. So unless you have a record of exactly what they are and what in condition they are in, you will not know if somebody takes, changes or damages anything before you take possession of the house. Without that record you’ll never know and you’ve paid for it all.