The importance of building inspections when buying and appartment

Recently, there has been a high demand for apartments, with investor and home buyers competing for the available spaces. In this fast growing market, it is important to be careful and stay informed when making a purchase. However, there has been a trend of people skipping property inspections when buying apartments and not when […]

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A Guide to Passing Your Home Inspection.

A lot of sellers cringe at the thought of what inspectors will say about the condition of their buildings when when it’s time for a building inspection. However, there is really no need to panic, because all inspectors really want to do is ensure that the property is in the right condition. Buyers are […]

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The Importance of a Property Inspection

One of the most important things that you must do before buying a home is to have a professional home inspector check it out. Purchasing a home is expensive enough. Why would anyone still splash an extra $400 especially if they are not required to do so? We tell you in this post what […]

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Preparing your property for sale

Every year, hundreds of thousands of houses are sold in Australia alone. Although each transaction is obviously different, there is one thing that every homeowner wants: to get the very best value from the sale of their houses. So how do you do that? The secret is doing a few touch ups here and […]

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