A thorough inspection by someone as experienced as we are can save you money and heartache. An inadequate inspection can see you making expensive repairs or buying the wrong property.

We offer a choice of reports for all inspections:

Basic Structural Inspection – from $360

  • A thorough look at visible foundations, including walls, floors and roof framing.

Standard Full Written Report – from $410

  • Our most popular report.
  • As well as checking floors, walls and ceilings, external cladding and roof cladding, we test everything that opens and closes: doors, taps, cupboards, windows, latches, catches and hinges.
  • We go under the floor, in the roof and over the roof.
  • We check drainage, driveways, garages, carports, garden sheds and even the clothesline!

Premium Package – Full Written Report with Premium Photos – from $460

  • Ultimate peace of mind.
  • We look at everything covered in the standard report and add a photo package with photos of every room in the house, elevations around the house and any defects.
  • You can see first-hand how serious the problems may or may not be.