Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Why Pre-Purchase Inspections are Essential:

  • Know what you’re facing with regards to repair and/or maintenance costs
  • Ensure that your home is safe
  • Find damage caused by beetles, termites or other pests

Obtaining a pre-purchase inspection report can help you:

  • Plan repair or renovation projects
  • Make a responsible financial decision or good investment choice
  • Confirm that the property is worth the price it is being sold for

What you get with a Pre-Purchase Inspection

You will receive a report within 24 hours of an inspection being done, and the findings thereof can be discussed with your inspector. All of the inspectors here at JKB Property Inspections are expert and qualified builders, meaning that they will know what to look for.

This report includes:

  • Photos of defects
  • Identification of minor defects and long-term maintenance that may be required
  • Identification of major defects and anything that could pose a safety risk
  • A brief description of work needed to fix defects and which artisans are required to perform the work

How a Pre-Purchase Inspection is done

Our inspector uses a range of tools and instruments such as scopes, moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras and sounding devices to note and record evidence of building defects and issues.

Areas that are inspected include:

  • Roof interior and exterior
  • Under the floor (if applicable)
  • Exterior and interior of the home
  • The entire site including retainer walls, drainage and fencing

How long will an Inspection Take?

This is property-dependent, but in most cases it will take approximately an hour for the inspection to be done and an additional hour or so to complete the reporting and documentation. However, the length of time may vary according to the degree of accessibility and the amount of defects that have been found. Upon completion, we prepare the report and advise the client what has been found. The report is normally available within 24 hours of the inspection being done.

Inspection Exclusions

There will always be exclusions when it comes to pre-purchase inspections, but these will be discussed beforehand. Below are a few examples of exclusions:

  • Anything below ground, such as draining, footage or soil conditions
  • Issues pertaining to building acts and regulations
  • Items concealed in walls such as wiring, plumbing pipes and insulation
  • Explanations of title or ownership issues
  • Second story roofs – these can only be inspected by prior arrangement

If you would like to find out more about our pre-purchase inspections, contact us at JKB Property Inspections today.

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