Pre-Sale Inspections

Are You a Vendor who is looking for Ways to Accelerate a Home Sale?
Pre-sale inspections, vendor reports and pre-auction inspections are normally one and the same thing. In most cases, the only difference is that the agent or vendor will have access to these before a property is sold. Here at JKB Property Inspections, we can provide you and your estate agent with resources to market this report as one of a few strategies that can help you through the sale process.

Protecting you in Negotiations

Obtaining a pre-sale inspection that covers at least the major construction aspects of your home will provide you with a valuable tool when the time comes for setting its sale price. It’s possible that your home may have issues that you aren’t aware of, such as building defects, non-compliant renovations or even faulty plumbing systems.

Don’t run the risk of having your sale postponed or canceled because of previously undetected faults. In many cases, these faults can result in you losing thousands of dollars off your asking price. Obtain a pre-sale inspection from JKB Property inspections today and give yourself time to have essential repairs carried out beforehand.

Give your buyers – and yourself – complete peace of mind by obtaining a pre-sale inspection report from us here at JKB Property Inspections. Contact us today so you can schedule an appointment with our qualified inspectors.

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