Stage Inspections

Once you have contacted us to obtain a quote for new construction inspections, we can provide a series of independent inspections that cover all of the critical stages of building a property. You can hire our services for a single stage inspection – or as many inspections as you require.

The stage inspection options include:

  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lock-up/Pre-Plaster Stage
  • Fixing Stage
  • Final Handover (PCI)

If you would like us to perform a four or five stage inspection, be sure to ask about the discount packages we offer for this.

It is recommended that you inform your building supervisor about the fact that you have hired the services of an independent property inspector for the duration of the building. This will enable our inspector to communicate directly with your site supervisor so that suitable times can be arranged to view the building work at the various stages. Our inspector will perform the inspection at each stage and provide you with a separate report for each one as well.

Upon completion of each inspection, our inspector will discuss all aspects of each report with you verbally to clarify everything, and copies of all reports will be emailed to you as well.

While building your new home, you will be able to rely on the knowledgeable team at JKB Property Inspections throughout the entire process. Our new home inspectors are all registered builders who specialize in reporting on construction projects throughout Melbourne.

When hiring our services, you will not only have an expert team overseeing all of the critical stages of construction; you will also receive fully comprehensive inspection reviews and reports that list the elements assessed. Photos will be provided as well. Contact our team here at JKB Property Inspections for further information or to obtain a quote today.

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