Whatever your situation, a reliable property inspection is essential and we make it easy for you. And if you’re buying or selling, we provide free consultancy up until settlement.



Avoid making a poor investment. Know what you’re really buying and receive piece of mind.


Pre-Sale or Pre-Auction

Discover defects that buyers could use to reduce your asking price.

If you are selling, we will provide a Property Inspection FREE of charge. We will then send a Certificate of Inspection to your Real Estate Agent so they can offer the report to potential buyers, saving everyone time.

If you choose to rectify any defects, we can then conduct another inspection to check the work.


New Home and Renovation Inspections

Use our experience to pick up problems as your new home is built.

We inspect each stage of the construction for a new home, extension or renovation. We check the workmanship and the quality of the materials to ensure it’s turning out the way you dreamed.

You’ll receive a thorough inspection report as well as photos to keep a record of the build process. We make sure you understand each report and answer your questions. If things go wrong, we can help sort it out with your builder.


Handover Inspections

Before you finishing paying for your new home, we’ll check that it is to the expected standard.


Safety Audits

Meet your regulatory responsibilities.

If you’re a Building Property Manager, a Non Residential Building owner or someone else with a vested interested in a commercial property, you’ll be required to do a safety audit.

Our report complies with Building Regulations 2006, Part 12 – Maintenance of Buildings and Section I Maintenance Building Code of Australia.


Rental Inspections

Protect your investment.

Trusting strangers to live in your property can be risky. We can inspect your home and take photos when the tenants enter and leave, and during the tenancy. We’ll let you know about any concerns and recommend a course of action if repairs are needed.


Inspection Packages

A thorough inspection by someone as experienced at building inspections in Melbourne as we are can save you money and heartache. An inadequate inspection can see you making expensive repairs or buying the wrong property.

We offer a choice of reports for all inspections:

Basic Structural Inspection

  • A thorough look at visible foundations, including walls, floors and roof framing.


Standard Full Written Report

  • Our most popular report.
  • As well as checking floors, walls and ceilings, external cladding and roof cladding, we test everything that opens and closes: doors, taps, cupboards, windows, latches, catches and hinges.
  • We go under the floor, in the roof and over the roof.
  • We check drainage, driveways, garages, carports, garden sheds and even the clothesline!


Premium PackageFull Written Report with Premium Photos –

  • Ultimate peace of mind.
  • We look at everything covered in the standard report and add a photo package with photos of every room in the house, elevations around the house and any defects.
  • You can see first-hand how serious the problems may or may not be.

See a sample Premium Package report here.

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